Saturday, January 16, 2010

Today started with a lovely surprise from our resident platypus who has been quite elusive lately. I am attaching these photo's of a long & relaxed frolic in the garden creek.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Launch of Mole Creek Food Mile Market Day & 350 Day in November 2009

This blog is about getting photo's onto the page and practising the new art of blogging with words and photo's from Mole Creek Guest House.
The launch of our Food Mile Market and celebration of 350 Day on the 24th of November was a hopeful and happy day - the alpacas seemed to enjoy it too.

Hi from Mole Creek Guest House, Tasmania

Hi from Mole Creek Guest House in Tasmania

This is the first contribution to the Mole Creek Guest House Blog and it's an exciting new way for us to share our news and photo's with past and future visitors to this lovely part of the world at as an old prime minister once put it "the ass-end of the universe."

So happy to share with you my first ever blog and do hope you like the breakfast photo. It's true - the Queen Elizabeth rose is just as lovely now as ever - and the pancakes aren't bad either.

There's been one sighting of our platypus this week - and some lucky Israeli and Czech visitors arrived here in the nick of time to catch sight of the little platty.

It's been a stinker of a week weather wise, and it's much cooler now and thank heavens the wind has given it a break today.

I love the idea of updating you on on stuff happening here and will keep you informed.